Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Lost In Translation~

I was reading a blog, Seek Him First, and there was a post on Bible translations. I use either the NKJV or the Amplified bible. I like to use the NLT and KJV on the side and I have a monster Strong's concordance and smaller size that I use as well for Greek/Hebrew and study. I really cannot stand the NIV version for a variety of reasons.

It interests me how strong we get on bible versions. There are almost cults out the KJV cult. Just kidding...*giggle*.. No offense intended...but really it does get that weird. I think as an older Christian I do need to pick well...and when I disciple different ones I do tend to recommend the NKJV or Amplified versions. I am not a stickler though. If they want to read the bible and it is the NLT or even the Message bible..Praise the Lord!! I guess they could even use the NIV version...ack!

I would LOVE to hear your opinion! What do you think?! You won't hurt my feelings...

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